Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 11: Oh, things are going REAL well

I'm sure most everyone will find this story ridiculous, but keep in mind that I'm from California, so 1) I don't know anything about buses and 2) rain never lasts longer than a few minutes. Here we go.

So today I decide I'm going to try to walk to this outdoors-y store to try to get some pants that won't freeze in the winter (ie, not cotton). The store is about 2 miles away, and considering my severe aversion to public transport I figure this is no problem to walk. Ordinarily, this would be true. I get maybe about a mile out, and suddenly it totally started pouring rain. Now, I will admit, it was cloudy out when I left the house, but I didn't really think anything of it. So I didn't have a jacket or umbrella or anything, and since I was pretty much using my stellar (honestly) sense of direction to get me to the store, I also technically didn't know where I was, or, even if I did, what bus would be going in the right direction to get me home. I stopped under a bus-stop shelter, thinking the rain would probably just stop after a little. Wrong. There are torrents of rain coming down, and even if I wanted to take a bus, I'm on the wrong side of the street. By the time I get on the correct side of the street and decide I'm just going to try to walk back, my pants are soaked from the St. Lawrence River Jr. in the street (I am also wearing sandles) and I've got this ridiculous wet-t-shirt look going on.

Basically I ended up walking home in the rain, getting to my block (which is in a busy shopping area) in time to have the rain stop and look like a bigger fool. Sigh.

Other than THAT, things continue to be ok. I had a blast hanging out with some people that I met last weekend (thanks for the tour, Dakx!) and maybe have a few new readers in Quebec. On the subject of this blog, I have a bit of bad news. While I'm on the ship, I will probably have zero access to the "internet", although I will have access to a medieval sort of email system. This means that from August 18th to October 19th I may not be able to update this website. If you are still interested in hearing what I'm up to during that period, write a note to and I will give you instructions on how to get in contact with me. I am also sorry to say that seems to be having some problems uploading photos, so I apologize for the lack of pictures thus far.

Whoa! Nevermind! Photo problem appears to be fixed.
This is me in Norway last summer.

Well, to all the newcomers, and everyone else, please email me if you have any questions about my project. Right now I gotta find some more pictures to put up while I can...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wo-wo! Sounds exciting. I love adventures. Even if they make you soaked. And I didn't know you were such a good writer; I like the blog.

PS - I can set up a blog for you that you can post to by email if you want.

PPS - I have a job! I'm moving to Park City, UT in September.