Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 234: Clips and Phrases

The professor I work for recently returned from Rijpfjorden with the rest of the team, so this week has been a bit busy. We went out in the local fjord again this week for the Adventdalen sampling - lots of things to filter and sort.

Today all of the students here for the short-term course left, signficantly freeing up my dorm building and once again driving home the temporary nature of everything in my life. Ah well.

Here's some photos of the areas I frequently drive around to get to UNIS or for work or whatever.

Scooter road to Longyearbyen through the river bed:

Looking back at Nybyen:

The 20 layers:

Lompen center (shopping center):

Driving out to the coal cleaning/transport center:

The old transport line out to all the old mines that ran until the 1980's, I believe:

The horses that live out by the airport on the outskirts of town - honestly, I'm surprised they do ok out here, but I guess that's explained by the ton of hair (I have a horse at home, for those that don't know me, and she the exact opposite of these ponies).

View across the fjord at the scattering of cabins and old coal miner's buildings:

And heading back home:

That about wraps it up. I'm at a bit of a loss for words today.

Ah yes, check out some of the photos posted at ArcticNet under "New Photos" to see some of my work (0164-0160, 0149).

Also, for an epic tale of the field time in Rijpfjorden, read Mikko's contribution to the student IPY blog. Trust me, its worth keeping up with - he'll install one part a week over the next three weeks, and next week's episode should be thrilling (I had a sneak-read of the whole thing).

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Alan Parkinson said...

Good to see the sun Laurel.
It's been sunny here in Norfolk, UK today too, and cold on the coast at Wells-next-the-Sea.
Not quite as cold as Longyearbyen.
My Pilot GCSE Geography students are hopefully still following your journey - they'd better be!