Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 270: Chivalry is Dead begin. I'm nearly two weeks behind on photos now, but that's going to have to wait, just like your entertainment via this website, because things have run amok, TO SAY THE LEAST.

As I mentioned before, I was scheduled for surgery in Tromso to bolt - literally - my broken foot back together. I theory I should have been back in Longyearbyen by now, but I am still in Tromso. My surgery was bumped from the original date to a day later - Wednesday - and ended up taking three hours instead of one. I opted to stay awake for the procedure, actually a fascinating experience. Eleven stitches and a plaster cast later, I was doped up and slept out the afternoon in the hospital.

Before being checked out, the doctor wanted some more x-rays to make sure everything was in place. So I was sitting in the waiting room, getting my IV-drip antibiotics, and the doctor comes in with a "I've got some bad news."

The bolt was put in wrong. Instead of laying straight in the bone, it's angled so it comes in the top and goes through the bottom. My only option is to re-do the entire surgery, which will happen on Friday.

I am distressed on a variety of levels. I find myself facing two surgeries in one week (turns out local anesthetics can't stop your bones hurting. Drilling hurts.); orders not to walk, period, for two weeks; an impossible non-waterproof cast; and, wow, about a million other things. I'm torn between focusing on the most amazing opportunity and experience of my life and a potentially life-long injury.

Well, that turned out more down-beat than intended. All in all I'm in fairly good spirits, I tend to get over things pretty quick. Although that could be the painkillers talking. Talk to me in a few weeks when I've gone bonkers from staying inside for so long. The people I'm staying with in Tromso are awesome, and despite the surgical problems, the doctors and nurses at the Tromso hospital are incredibly nice.

Having a two-inch bolt in your foot feels weird.

Christ! That thing seriously is a bolt.

Re: dead chivalry - flying out to Tromso I had to wait for awhile in the tiny holding area after security in Longyearbyen. There's only enough chairs for a little over half the people on the flight, and everyone packs in there. When I got there all the chairs were full. Despite the broken foot, I'm young and can handle standing around for a bit.

But honestly, what happened to people giving up their seats for old/injured/pregnant etc? I always give up my seat in any public transportation if theres anyone around who looks like they need it more than me.

Eventually, a 50-something Norwegian housewife figure came up to me and offered me her seat. I hope every twenty-something snowboarding dude in that airport was embarrassed.


Hans Mundahl said...

Hang in there - you might have a broken foot (and a sweet bolt) but you're still doing something many dream of and few can pull off!

Anonymous said...

All the best for your operation!

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck on your surgery friday. hope all goes well and that you soon will be back in Longyearbyen! Thank you very much for all the pics and stories that you share with us in your blogg. I realy enjoy reading it. Best regards from me, a housewife in Longyearbyen.

Der Wilderer said...

O man, that's realy hard now. Wish you all the best for the surgery and hope you'II be back in Longyearbyen soon. From what I know from you're blog, you must be an amazingly strong girl. You're gonna make it.

liylak said...

You are my hero. Snowboarder jerk can fall off a really fast train over shark infested waters.