Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 274: The Bolt, Version 2.0


It looks bigger than the last one because it is.

So, I'm back in Longyearbyen, alive. Currently exhausted from trying to move around a bit too much. I'm going to have some wicked shoulders after this business. The second surgery on Friday ended well enough, with some...adventures. Instead of using a normal local anesthetic, they injected something directly into the nerves behind my knee to essentially paralyse my leg. It didn't work. So they had to put me to sleep - something I hate (it makes me panic) - but they hit me with a pretty heavy dose so I fell asleep real quick.

When I work up I couldn't move or feel anything below my knee, because the nerve-numbing thing finally kicked in. Which was good because I had zero pain, but somewhat nerve-wracking because it took much longer than expected for me to get feeling back in my leg. I spent the night in the hospital and got home to Longyearbyen Saturday night. In very random news, I sat next to two people from California on the plane. That's really rare up here.

What else...on painkillers, which makes me somewhat less than intelligent and sleep 80% of the day. My building-mates told me to stop looking out the window because it makes me look like a sad cocker spaniel and I'm depressing them.

I'm going to go stare out the window in my room.


Antonio said...

Ups! take care of you & focus on getting well.

a unknown-friend (Antonio)

Christiane MB said...

Well, you can think of your involunteray house arrest in this way; The scooter season is practically over, everything is dripping and yucky outside - I mean; the asphalt on the road is visible! What's the use of being outside when there are just around zero degrees outside..:p Get well soon! I wanna see pictures from Siberia.