Sunday, September 09, 2007

For anyone still reading

I know I said I would continue writing. I didn't mean to take a month. But things have been happening.

To answer your first burning question: I have a job. And it issssssss:

Geology technician!

Yeah, I hear those quizzical grunts. I'm the new geology technician at, actually, my old university (Pomona College - for you foreigners, college out here is the same as university, and this is quite a good one despite the fact that not many people have heard of it). And yes, I know I've never really talked about geology extensively before, because yes, I'm a photographer- ecologist- journalist- healthcare researching- animal wrangler, not a geologist.

But who cares about all that! I can be a geologist if I want to! And so it is written, and so it is done. Most of what I do involves running the department, from managing all the technology (XRD, laser particle analyzer, rock saw, computers) to being a web editor to being driver/cook/manual labor/babysitter on field trips. Its varied enough to keep me interested, the department has a lot of good people, and I get to learn stuff.

I also have a new home. And it is innnnnnn:

Los Angeles! (Claremont, specifically).

Ugh, I know. Well, my new place is nice, I live in the garage of a nice house. Just kidding! Or not, actually, I DO live in the garage, but in an awesome extra room with a LOFT, which is the most fantastic place to sleep ever. Its like living in a tree house. A ridiculously hot treehouse, however, as its been 100F (39C) more often than not the last few weeks.

So, here's the plan. I'm going to be working here for a year. Then I'll either go to grad school or get myself to Antarctica. Now, my creepy website-stalking program is telling me people still visit this site, so I guess I have a good reason to keep writing. But now the theme will revolve around the wild and crazy world of GEOLOGYYYY EDUCATIONNNNN!

It's good to be settled. Now I just need a social life. I'm still wondering where the line is for sketchy old alumna/staff hanging out with students. I mean, they are basically my age, but I'm supposed to be a professional now. And stuff.


Der Wilderer said...

Hell, you do a lot of things! I'll be looking forward to your Antarctica-Project. You'll need some freezing cold after a year in LA ; )

Anonymous said...

hei :) congratulations with the new place.. did you get your (one) green curtain up?
R&O in Tromsö

Michael said...


Antonio said...

Gratulere! and greetings to all these stones and sand...
Probably I'm another example of that, I started my PhD using mathematical models to explain microbial interaction in the ocean (sound weir right?), but!!! I don't have any clue about mathematical stuff. Anyway, I'm still alive...
Don't worry about social life, as you said, you are working in an University then... is more than easy to have a social life... emmm wait! really I'm not sure about this in US, but probably there is a lot of nice people around.

Enjoy your new life, good luck & keep this blog up!

one detail: your blog is "ColdPhoto"... now will be "Warm or HotPhoto"? where are the pictures now? ;)

Alan Parkinson said...

Congratulations on the job.
We're still reading, me and Geography students at King Edward VII in the UK.
Just about to go over your time in Svalbard again...