Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well Then

SWEET STALKING MONKEY! Apparently there are still, on average, at least 30 of you visiting this site every day. And I know you're not just my parents, because the technology says you come from 6 different continents! Who do I know in Columbia? Or, let's see, SUDAN?

Ok so its been awhile since I've written. Let's move on.

Since I last wrote I have taken time off from my geological duties to visit Indiana, Hawaii, and most recently Utah. If you can't go international, go national! In a couple weeks I'm going to Colorado to learn how to survive helicopter crashes (yes, seriously). While in Utah, I tried my hand (feet) at skiing for the first time. Crazy, I know! Of course I mean cross-country skiing, because the idea of strapping sticks to my feet is crazy enough without then throwing myself off a mountain.

This is approximately how well it went:

Snowshoeing seemed a bit more my speed. (Photo courtesy of Nina Karnovsky.)

As for relevant updates: adventures are in the works! I'm not completely at liberty to discuss things yet, but for those of you desperately clicking the refresh button, waiting for something exciting, you will be rewarded in, say, about 3 months. Until then, I continue doing the geology gig, trying not to go out of my mind while surviving suburbia, and spending all my money on airplane tickets.

Maybe I'll write something about the Colorado thing. Look for that mid-March.

Oh yah...shameless self-promotion: here. And here.



You have a most interesting blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,

sam said...

hooray! I *knew* it was a good idea to leave your blog's URL in my list of links to regularly check!

have a good time in Colorado! And downhill skiing isn't as scary as you think (as long as you wear a helmet)

Antonio said...

ufff during my first year in Norway I tried snowboard, I'd never try any other sport in the snow before! & I'm still don't get it... just keep trying.

concerning about travels... if you really like geology, just search for a nice PhD scholarship, do you research & have many trip as you can ;) by the way, do you remember a nice bar in Svalbard? I'll go there this summer

looking forward for more of your adventures

Antonio said...

yep! it would be very nice to meet you up there, but we're going to Ny Ă…lesund (100km far?) to make our experiments at the end of June until middle of July (date are not totally decided yet), probably we'll pass by Longyearbyen.

thanks for the Bars advices & keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Anders Krog (Sebastian´s father ) Greenland

Exciting reading. I just want to make sure , that you are aware that it is not possible to leave the arctic ( especially Scoresbysund ), you can at most take temporary living elsewhere !!

ps. we are for now living in Denmark ,,, at least physically.

Alan Parkinson said...

Hi Laurel
My geography students who were studying Svalbard are now about to do their exams, so we will see what they managed to remember.
Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

I am one of your random visitors; I was asking the Google Oracle if there indeed were (as I suspected from a childhood spent in Fairbanks, Alaska) mosquitoes in Siberia. I see that the answer is "Holy wow, YES!!!"