Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 127: Dear Nikon

My camera has been taking bullets for me recently and running like a champ. I've probably broken every "never do this to an expensive electrical appliance" rule barring sticking a fork in it. That's not really true...I take excellent care of my gear, except for freezing it every other day and getting it covered with snow. Which turns into melted snow. But we have yet to hit anything truly extreme, so these beginning runs are promising.

I've gotten to the point where anything above -10 C (about 14 F) feels like its pretty warm out. It's been snowing a lot with some heavy cloud cover, so it's been as warm as -2 C (close to 30 F) recently.

I miss sandals.

Not a lot to say today, actually. Here's some photos.

Ah yes, I remember walking home from school through snowdrifts taller than me. NOT:

I've been trying a lot of new things with lighting recently, as you might have noticed. The lighting here is ridiculous. Like ridiculous-difficult. But with some weird combos of super-high ISO's and a little flash, you get some pretty neat results. I think.

Hey, blue-eyed pup:

Wicked icicles:

The storage barn for the store:

Just walking home:

You can't tell, but that's Benjamin on the far left:



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Matt Kelberg said...

I really like the first picture in this post and the second one from the bottom.

I like your page's new look, but the old format was much easier to read.

Also, I was wondering how big your feet are. Do not question my curiosity.