Friday, December 08, 2006

Day 131: The News

I am a creature of habit, and typically abide by random self-imposed rules, such as "I began making posts every other day, now I MUST post every other day." Because of this, on this day I may require your forgiveness for submitting less than sterling material.

However, this evening and tomorrow promise to be full of interesting things. So look forward to that.

Today was my last day teaching. Someone told me today that I looked happy. This is true.

I will miss some of them, a bit.

This is a remarkably accurate photo of the 8th grade class:

Sebastian looking far more reserved than usual, possibly because I took a photo of him that looks like a mug shot:

This was as close as we got to a decent photo. L-R - Karl, Mikkel, Sebastian, Duma, Rikke, and Nivi:

Nivi gets extra credit for her sweatshirt.

Today we had a school-wide assembly about brushing your teeth. Chaos, as usual, reigned.

Danish tooth-instructor lady with Greenlandic translator:

Principal Peter demonstrates:

Holy moly. I just stood in the back, things were out of my hands, I was technically on break:

Annnd then we sang a Greenlandic Christmas song together:


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