Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day 146: All I Want for Christmas is a .30-06

Currently hanging out in Moncton, New Brunswick with Lisa's family. While here my biggest worry is the icy rain, I'll soon be wrestling polar bears on Svalbard. (A .30-06 is high-caliber hunting rifle, for you people who don't have large game in your front yard).

On Svalbard, its required by law to carry a rifle with you when you got out of town because of the bears. However, they strongly discourage actually killing any bears - so if you meet one, you better be real sure he's attacking you before actually shooting it (you shoot to the side of a bear to scare it off). I heard of a scientist who got banned from Svalbard for killing a bear that was hanging around his cabin - the local forces did an autopsy and determined that the bear's stomach was full and thus had no reason to attack the scientist, so he got in all kinds of trouble. I also heard about a student who got eaten outside of Longyearbyen a few years ago (who didn't have a gun with her) so, you know, pros and cons.

Anyhow, happy holidays!

That's my family's Christmas card, including my 18 yr old brother, the parents, our dog Hammish, and myself.

Enjoy whatever it is you do.


Anonymous said...

Dear Laurel,
You can't have a .30-06. You'll put your eye out.
The Cast of A Christmas Story

Anonymous said...

It's funny. That Christmas card makes you look like a normal family. But I *know* how tall you are, which makes me just gawk at the rest of them. Boy, would I never fit in in that family...

Your brother should row in college. I bet they could turn him into an Olympian really fast...

sam said...

Oh man, my first reaction was definitely to say something about the height-family photo thing, but it looks like I got beat to the punch.

Unfortunately, our family photos don't turn out that way when we're all standing up--the last one we took like that made me look like a clumsy photoshop addition.

Sharon said...

Glad to hear you are closer to home these days! I hope you had a merry Christmas! (: Best wishes as you continue your travels.