Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 158: Hey everybody

Sooo...from my crazy website-stalking program, it looks like I have had a lot of new visitors recently. I assume this is because I'm famous.

Let's talk about me.

Me again.

A photo by me.

A brief, vague mention. Of me.

A Swiss website that I cannot read whatsoever, but who apparently found me, and put me in their links.

(A testament to the fact that I couldn't read it. I had to be informed that that wasn't German, but Swiss. Awk-ward.)

I'm sitting in the London Heathrow airport waiting to fly to Norway. Another one of those multi-day, multi-flight trips to get somewhere in the high north. This time we're going Edinburgh to London to Stavanger to Oslo to Longyearbyen. I'll be there sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Ok. Here's some advice for everyone. Let's say you're in an airport, and you see this girl with a cast, and she's sort of got it streched out, because hey, her leg's in a cast. KICKING HER LEG is probably the worst idea, ever.

The next person to do so, I'm having words with. Honestly, I'm not even in a walkway and its happened about 6 times.

Sorry for the lack of photos - I've got a few from Canada, a few from Scotland, coming soon. I've been occupied. Being in Norway for four months will help get things regular again.


Der Wilderer said...

It's a Swiss weblog, actually ; ) I put the link to your site cause I'm really amazed by your one-year-in-the-arctic-project. Sounds pretty much like the thing I always wanted to do. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You ARE famous! How exciting! Especially when it's in foreign languages. I hope the rest of the layover went well because I can really picture you smacking someone with a cane.

I look forward to hearing about your exciting adventures in Longyearbyen!