Thursday, January 11, 2007


Norway! I'm here, been here for about a week now. I'm also sick. I also live over a mile (3km) from my place of work. Introducing a phenomenal way to lose weight: break your foot. Be forced to buy and cook your own food in a country that charges extraordinary fees for everything. Get a head cold so you can't really swallow. Walk at least 2 miles, through the snow, everyday, using only one leg. Awesome.

Seriously though? It's warm here. What is up with that. When I say "warm" I mean "not as cold as Greenland". Also, it's remained a constant midnight black outside since I arrived here on the 5th. I actually wasn't entirely prepared for having to constantly check my watch to make sure what day it is.

Ehhh things are busy now with various arrangements and a Arctic safety class. I'm merely here to say 1) eternal apologies for not posting recently and 2) I have an address. You want it, I give it to you.

Oh, and Scandinavian Airlines? SAS? We're no longer on speaking terms. I'm swimming to Russia.


Anonymous said...

I use my canvas Svalbardbutikken bag almost everyday... sigh

At least the beer is normally priced in Longyearbyen (unlike the rest of Norway...)

Laurel said...

I LOVE that bag.

sam said...

is salmon reasonably-priced? I seem to remember it being the only reasonably-priced thing in Stockholm (although we were only there for a weekend), and it makes for good cooking.

Denver is in the midst of our "arctic cold front", which set in overnight. This morning, it was 1, and we're not getting out of single digits until late next week, by which time hopefully I'll be back in Cali.

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