Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 176: Betcha Didn't Know You Can Freeze Your Eyeballs

That's not strictly true. Unless you're dead, I guess. But let's discuss what happened today.

I was walking to the university this morning and I noticed my eyes were feeling sort of weird. It was a bit colder than normal out, around -22C, -30C with wind, but not totally ridiculous. Well, as it turns out, my eyelids were beginning to freeze shut.

Here's a really bad photo of me realizing I have icicles on my eyelashes:

I guess what happens is my steamy breath comes out of the top of my scarf, condenses on the eyelashes, and seals those puppies shut.

When I got tired of my eyes freezing closed every time I blinked, we switched to all-terrain mode.

By the way, I'm here to eat your brains.

Anndd here's a totally normal photo of me being ridiculous.

The plaid curtains scream lumberjack chic. Or coalminer chic. No lumberjacks without trees. Which, for anyone who hasn't caught on yet, there are none this far north.

This post is dedicated to everyone who asks me for photos of myself. Enjoy.

Oh wait, we're not done yet. Exciting news on the communication front. I've got one of these mobile-telephones now. So if you've been frustrated by the fact that I'm not good at making phone calls, you can be frustrated by the exorbitant fees it will cost you to call my phone.

I actually have no idea how much it would cost you. But I diverge.

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Anonymous said...

It would cost 21.2 cents a minute through Skype...