Friday, May 04, 2007

Day 278: Old Stuff

Just because I sit around in my room all day doesn't mean I have all the time in the world for this website! Wait, yes it does. But I use a lot of that time responding to my email backlog and...sleeping, and...that's about it.

When we last met, Dane had just left. During the course of his time here, we visited Bjorndalen, which I loved. So a day or so after he left I took a little midnight trip out to Bjorndalen by myself to catch what looked to be some very nice lighting. For everyone at home freaking out about me going by myself, I had a rifle, and the area is "heavily" populated (by humans) so its really quite safe.

From the opposite side of town, the old coal processing facility:

To get to Bjorndalen, you have to drive along the back edge of the airport runway. There's a big fence so hooligans stay out, but I've heard of people seeing polar bears on the runway before.

Approaching Bjorndalen, sunset photos:

That last one I took on my stomach. That's not so easy in a scooter suit with a rifle over your shoulder.

The Bjorndalen student's cabin:

Coming around back home again, the airport fence catches the sun:

I took the upper road back to town, on the hill behind the old coal transport system. Looking back at the modern coal processing facility:

And out into town:

Annnd back once again:

Short update, but it's something! And since I won't have any new photos for awhile, I have to make the backlog last.

My foot feels like it has a bolt in it. Doesn't hurt, but very weird.


Der Wilderer said...

Wow, the coal mine buildings looks like a perfect set for some kind of apocalytpic sci-fi horror movie...

Laurel said...

Much like...John Carpenter's "The Thing"?? That movie terrified me, not a good pick right before moving out here. Although that was in Antarctica...but the scenery is similar...

Anonymous said...

I've been to Bjorndalen!