Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm going to RUSSIAAAAA! (said like Borat, of course)

Fantastic day. FANTASTIC. After a few million years of problems (ie six months) I've achieved two things today: I got my Russian visa, and I figured out how to replace the blogger header with a specialized image. Hope you love it.

The header will probably change soon until I find a background I really like. I like this one, but the black and white is sort of misleading...since I really don't like doing black and white photography. But what won't change is I'M GOING TO RUSSIAAAAA! In exchange for a very signficant percentage of my bank account. I hope my friends at home have some nice couches for me to sleep on.

For people interested in this sort of thing, here's my route to my final destination in Siberia - we can also note that this comes in at a close second as the most long-winded, complicated route of this year (the road from northern Canada to northern Greenland continues to reign as The Most Ridiculous Journey Ever).

Anyway, here it is: Oslo (Norway) to Copenhagen (Denmark) to St. Petersburg (Russia) to Moscow to Krasnoyarsk to Yakutsk to Cherskii.

I'm afraid thats all for now. The official departure date is June 5. The official cast-off date is June 4!



Hans Mundahl said...

Congrats! I love the photo header.

Best of luck on your travels!

sam said...

what mode(s) of transport will this journey include? do you get to use the trans-Siberia railroad? i hear it's really really pretty in summer (when you're going)

Jeanette said...

I like the new heading fanciness. Does this represent the reindeer you will be riding on your journey to Russia?

Der Wilderer said...

GRREAT! I'm looking forward to reading about your new adventures in Siberia. Now, you should do some workout with hard drinks. Russian vodka culture can be a real challenge ; )

btw: I like the header. It's a svalbard reindeer, right?

Laurel said...

The transport question - pretty much all flying, with a bit of driving at the end. Maybe I'll try to get on a reindeer sled at some point.

Der Wilderer - yep, is a Svalbard reindeer - I took the photo across the fjord from Longyearbyen.

Christiane MB said...

Yiou'll leave at June 5th? Aww, then we wont have time to meet...our plane doesn't arrive in Oslo until late the night before. Too bad :( I'll come visit you when you move back up to svalbard and get yourself those greenland dogs ;)