Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day 288: A Year

A few days ago I realized my home university - Pomona College - has its graduation today (today in the California sense, 9 hours behind Norway). I cannot believe its been a year since I graduated. If any of you new graduates are reading this, I hope senior week was super and graduation goes smoothly in that horrible heat. I'm super bummed I couldn't be there to say congrats to a lot of old friends - not sure when I'll see a lot of you again. Regardless, all the best.

Unfortunately I've been very stressed out recently trying to get ready to leave and plan for Russia and deal with my foot, and this website has suffered for it. I hope to write something more meaningful/visual soon, but that may not be until I settle in Drammen. Right now I really have to focus on getting my luggage to a semi-managable state and get that visa and not let my foot drive me insane. Or the ever-more-looming question of what I'm going to do next.

A year. Man.

In other news...Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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sam said...

graduation was outside this year, on the quad; i got a seat in the shade, so it was pretty ok. the post-grad night party wasn't nearly as exciting as last year, in part because you and leigh weren't there.

and now i have a BA, apparently.