Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 104 again: Things to entertain the eyes

Sooo...forget text. Text is like totally lame. Let's get some photos up in's.

The family dog, Duka - unlike most of the dogs around here, she's actually quite nice and mostly safe to let your kids come within 10 feet of. For some reason, the dogs around here seem to respect me, and Duka seems to really like me. All good.

We've had some interesting weather recently. Getting colder and sometimes its ridiculously windy. There's been a few snow storms. The worst I've even seen (which I'm fairly certain was nothing worth noting to most people) started up the other morning before I was supposed to walk to school. This is the water truck slowly trying to climb the hill to the house behind ours:

How windy is it? Windy enough to get rocks on your roof.

(Admittedly, that particular house has it's roof at the same height as a nearby road, which they put some rocks and gravel on to make somewhat less slippery).

Today I hung out with host brother #2 (Konrad, age 10) outside while he sledded and I took photos.

At the playground:

One of the eleventy billion dogs around here looking silly:

Person looking out of a house:


Back edge of the town going into the mountains:

Hunters house on the eastern edge of town:

Ah yes. The school where I am teaching:

Ground after a seal skinning:

Oh look! It's Laurel!

And yes, I am wearing a hat made out of baby seals. That is how I roll.

Statue of the King of Denmark, and a dog, against the sunset. I'm sure this is symbolic of something.

Line of sled dogs tied to the ice:

Konrad half buried in a snow drift:

And finally, Janu (age 8) and I displaying that we have approximately the same maturity level:

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Unknown said...

I'm curious, and I must have missed it because I haven't read everything, but what are you teaching at the school? : )