Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day 118: A month gone

Been in Greenland for exactly one month. Hm.

I just recovered from the verge of panic when I found my computer, although connected to the internet, refused to find any web page. Believing the apocalypse to be upon my laptop, I was totally flumoxed as to why every test of my connection proved that yes, I was connected, but neither internet explorer nor mozilla would show anything. I had nightmare visions of trying to contact Dell support from Greenland.

After making some desperate backups and deleting everything I did in the 24 hours, I went downstairs and found out I hadn't turned on the wireless connection correctly.

Other than that...we could see some ridiculous winds today coming off the point across the bay:

You can't see on the photo, but the haze off the base of the mountain (over the icebergs) was rolling off the land - considering that point is 200 km away, those are some powerful winds pulling the snow off the mountains there. Also you can see the Arctic mirage effect going on at the base of the point.

More landscape...

Man pushing kid in a stroller:

The frigid preschool:

Color-coordinated clothes hanging out to dry:

A photograph:

When I approached this group of houses, I suddenly heard Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 blaring out of one of the windows.

Street light:

A funny pairing:

Seal skins hanging to dry:

Some views of the town suddenly make me realize how out in the middle of nowhere we are:

My host sister Aviaja and Benjamin (her kid):

My host dad saying hi to Duka's mom, who's also pretty friendly:

Benjamin, standing on top of the meat freezer in a small shop, is captivated by the local tunes:

And that was that.


Anonymous said...

When I was in Greenland, the in thing with regard to 'cool local tunes' was Prussic. When it came to rap, anyway. I have a feeling Prussic is 'so 2004' at this point, but boy did I hear that cd a lot...

carolion said...

laurel, i love the photo of the preschool; it's just lovely. i especially like that there seem to be footprints on the roof-- somehow not surprising in a place that seems to be rich with visual surprises.

....just procrastinating and writing a paper. take care, dear.