Friday, November 03, 2006

What was: Day 81 - Saying goodbye


It was cold today.

Few last nerdy shots to remember what its like here.

(Walkway to aft labs)

(Officer's lounge)

(Water-tight door and hallway to my room.)

First sight of Kugluktuk.

That's pretty much all of the town.

There was some last excitement finishing science stuff...our last station was the day before, so we had to finish the 24-hr fluorometer readings. Then get all the luggage together and head out to the helideck. There's a bunch of people leaving today, although it's not a full crew change. About 10 scientists and 5 media people, so everyone on the boat is coming out to say goodbye. I can't even describe how stressed out/sad/excited/probably about to cry I am.

The following people are some of the ones staying on the boat for the rest of Leg 2 (which ends back in Quebec City sometime in mid-November).

Alex and Dan (Dan is like the male version of me, if we're talking about red hair and freckles. Alex is if we're talking about height.)

Oh Gary.


We have to make a few trips with the helicopter - it can only take four people at once, and then there's all our luggage.

First flight:

(We're all standing in the warm helicopter hanger)

I'm really not into black and white photography, but sometimes it works. Everyone standing around saying goodbye:

Photo from the helicopter of everyone packed in the hanger...

Kugluktuk from the helicopter:

The Kugluktuk airport. Yeeeeah...

And then I'm officially on land again. I can't believe how much snow there is. I know, I'm pathetic.

The (yes, singular) airport lady fixing something?

Crew helping us with luggage:

Amundsen offshore:

Michel (camera-man Michel working for Meteo Media) filming me for an interview. In theory I'll be on Canadian television (the weather channel!) sometime in the future.

Helicopter bringing more luggage.

This is Patrick. There's a few things you should know about Patrick. He is a very funny man. He was my neighbor on the ship. He has five pairs of glasses with him that he color-coordinates with his outfits. Patrick is also a famous weather man in Canada, but that didn't stop us from being friends/making cruel mockeries of each other. Awwwhh.

He's very humble. He carries luggage and everything.

I guess we're not in California anymore.

A rare glimpse of Laurel:

Apologies to anyone looking for more photos of me (mm, yes, ego) but since I have the camera, I don't have a lot of photos of myself, and I hope its perfectly clear that if I am in the photo, I did not take it.

Waiting in the airport for a van to take us to the inn. (Jonathan, Michel, and Kary. And that's pretty much the entire airport right there).

Some of us (below) are EXTREMELY happy to be going back home. Understandable, in this particular case.

I, however, am...confused? cold? utterly ridiculous? I do not even know.

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Anonymous said...

"The (yes, singular) airport lady fixing something?"

That's a meteorological station. Every meteorological station in the world is in a white box that looks exactly like that. For standardization purposes. She's probably just over there recording the temperature or dew point or something.

And let me know when you'll be on the Canadian weather channel. I'll tune it!