Friday, November 03, 2006

What was: Day 78 - Amundsen time coming to a close

Ach. I'll be leaving the Amundsen soon - very mixed feelings about this right now. If I was looking forward to going back to California and seeing some familiar faces, I might be a bit more excited. I AM excited, but also unsure about leaving the security of a place I know very well. There is something attractive about being on land again - about leaving the persistant chirp of the sonar machine, getting back to real internet, moving on to new adventures...but this is home right now.

Anyhow, not for a day or so yet. Another experiment being done on the ship has something to do with algae growth in variable light conditions.

And it looks pretty cool:

This is part of Jonathan's project. Jonathan is a man of many skills, including biochemisty and punk rocking.

Light sensor in the tanks:

Jonathan tries to look intelligent for the camera:

We had some interesting ice the other day - extremely thin, and flexible enough to move smoothly over the waves:

It breaks in odd ways:

And looks pretty neat in general:

The next few photos are from my last evening on the Amundsen.

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