Friday, November 03, 2006

What was: Day 76 - Helicopter Adventures

Phew! Only two days after the zodiac craziness, I get a chance to go out on the helicopter again, this time with Stephan so he can get some video footage of the ship in the water (and so I can take some photos, of course).

Before we can take off, they have to finish one of the plankton tows...

Ok! The best way to take photos from the helicopter is sitting in the back seat with the windows open. This means its only really good for two photographers to go on a trip at the same time, because even though you can shot through the glass in the front the glare is atrocious. Keith comes to see us off...

And take photos of Stephan, who will pee himself if we don't let him on the helicopter ASAP:

He is extremely excited about his first helicopter ride.

Philippe looks so dashing! He makes sure we're safe.

Stephan grabs Claude.

Heroic-zodiac-driver-who's-name-I've-forgotten wonders what the hold up is.

(He's hanging on to the line attached to the helicopter tail rotor.)

Jean-Francois helps us strap Stephan in. Stephan is not only shooting out of an open door but sitting in the open door with his legs hanging out, so we have to tie him to the helicopter.

Philippe! So manly!

Every time the helicopter takes off or lands two of the crew members get in full fire-fighting gear. Just in case, I suppose.

A lot of what follows is shots of the ship. If that's too boring, I don't know, change the channel.

Taking off!

Coming around the front of the ship:

This is a happy man.


As it turns out, this pilot (remember we're with a new crew now) likes to fly fast and awesome. Lots of swooping around the ship, tight turns, and runs a few feet above the water.

A nice shot considering the grey skies:

Shippity ship:

Yeeeah...we're pretty much sideways in the air. Don't ask me how Stephan hasn't fallen out.

One last dive past the back before we swing around to land, with the helicopter crew watching our wild ride:

Pretty nice.

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