Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 112: Children and other things

Every morning I wake up around 6am and have a telepathic conversation with Benjamin (the 1.5 yr old baby grandson) that goes something like this:

Me: Benjamin.
B: What's up!
Me: I'm surprised the windows haven't shattered from the volume and pitch of your scream. No seriously. How are you even breathing.
B: I'll take that as a compliment.
Me: What do you even have to cry about? You do nothing. You're warm and, trust me, I know you just pooped, and your mom's probably feeding you right now.
B: Oh, I'm not crying. I'm just screamin'.
Me: But why?
B: Why not?

The noises that come out of this kid are incredible. When he gets really happy, he sits...and screams. One huge, long, banshee scream.

Yesterday we also had adventures in yogurt:

And the introduction of "if you don't let me vaccum I will scream until your ears bleed":

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the boys have a gentlemans game of mini-checkers:

Outside, down one of the streets:

A dog:

Puppies, because I know you're all suckers for puppies:

(Also, note the "snow chains" on that bike)

View of about 80% of the town:

An artistic look at the helicopter pad:

The town iceberg:

Hunter's home at the back edge of town:

School's smoke stack:

Duka wants so desperately for me to come say hi that she twists herself in a knot trying to get closer:

That's it.


The Great Quotes said...

It's really cold in here :o)
Nice blog!
Keep moving!

Sarah said...

Hi Laurel. I really like the site and have mentioned it in my blog. The photos are beautiful and I've mentioned that they're for sale - feel free to post a comment on my blog to tell people how to order them if they want to.

Keep up the great site - I'm going back to the very beginning to read. I can't believe I only just found you! Bests, Sarah, The Daily.