Monday, October 23, 2006

What was: Day 31 - Initiations

Busy times! We are finally beginning with the science work, testing some of the sampling equipment. This thingy is called a rosette, and it will become my life:

You use it to get water from whatever depth you want! More on that later.

So when you cross the Arctic circle for the first time by ship, you have to go through an initiation ceremony. It's like a frat club for people who cross the circle - it's done on every boat in every country. (I didn't cross by boat when I was in Norway, so being in the Arctic then didn't count - you have to get the certificate.) These ceremonies used to be sort of rough - shaved heads, dunkings, etc. They're not really allowed to hurt us delicate scientists though so it will be interesting to see what happens. Today was the start of the ceremonies - we won't cross the circle for another few days. They took the new people - about 15 of us - and made us necklaces of "Police No Crossing" tape that we can't take off until the end of the ceremonies - including showers, sleeping, everything.

This morning my friend Lisa and I got up early because breakfast was supposed to be really good, but for the initiates they would only serve us green oatmeal.

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