Monday, October 23, 2006

What was: Day 35 - Eggs and Tridents

We're finally finished with all of the initiation business: whoa. The whole process is made signficantly more...interesting? Totally confusing? when people are doing everything in French and you really have no idea what they're asking you to do until you watch what everyone else is doing. This includes:

Four person skiing races -

An odd form of fairly personal twister -

Being lead around in handcuffs and blindfolded -

Facing judgement in front of Neptune -

And being forced to blow bubbles into a nasty sort of old veggie stew -

Events not shown here include 8am "workouts" (ie a variety of exercises including boxing and ballroom dancing that I believe were primarily introduced to make us look ridiculous) and at the very end following a group photo, being hosed down on the front deck with the firehoses. By far the worst event, however, was when we were all handcuffed, put into teams, and made to do a relay race in which each team was given a cooler filled with yellow seawater and four eggs, and was then expected to have each person pick up the (raw) egg in their teeth and carry it to another bucket. By my turn, the last egg was broken and I couldn't fit my shoulders into the I had to pick up my broken egg off the helicopter pad.

Good times.

Some of us, however, began the revolution.

I hang out with a pretty rough crowd.

(That would be Neptune's trident.)

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