Monday, October 30, 2006

What was: Day 62 - New People

Some of the new people that came on the ship I've actually met before, in Quebec.

Such as Keith, the ever-awesome miracle man. We have the same camera as well!

There's good new folks too. Like Stephan, a scientist and photographer of another sort -

And Phillip, our new Inuit representative -

And Dominque, super-scientist -

The new crew are pretty cool as well, although its rather strange having to get used to a whole new group. Here's two people (I'll be honest, I can't recognize them through the Mustangs) making...something. I think a roof for the rosette winch.

You can see our chemical disposal site next to them.

Unfortunately there's very little ice in this area...but we have a nice sky today -

If you were wondering what exactly it is I do, here's a brief rundown. I take all of these bottles:

Fill them up out of this thing (rosette):

Then take them back to the lab and spend the rest of the day filtering all that water through here:


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