Sunday, October 29, 2006

What was: Day 54 - Resolute Bay

Today we had a group of school kids from the Resolute Bay community come onboard for a tour of the Amundsen and the science that's going on. Speaking of science, here's Jesse and Bruno doing some delicate contaminants work.

And just for fun here's a sunset from the previous day:

So anyways - school kids onboard. We did our best. Some of the older ones acted somewhat interested in the science. For most of them the presentations deteriorated into pointing at something big and telling them to look at it. They loved the captain's chair and the helicopter the most.

Steve the mapper speaks:

Klaus the meterologist has a go:

A group of kids arrives on the zodiac:

While Jesse and Abraham look on:

Alex talks about zooplankton:

The captain talks about his chair:

School kid:

School kid:

Oh Jesse:

School kid in the mapping room:

School kid in the rosette shack:

Multiple school kids in the rosette shack:

"Ramon: The Cool Scientist" talks about collecting chlorophyll:

And a lucky kid gets to sit in the pilot's chair:

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Ray said...

Good morning Laurel,
Your Grandmother (LaDonna) sent me an e-mail sharing "A Year in the North" with us. What an adventure and the pictures are wonderful. Stay safe and God bless you.
Ray & Hazel - Las Cruces, NM.