Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What was: Day 37 - The once-in-a-lifetime iceberg and the potatoe boat

Sometimes you get up in the morning and see this:


Let's take another look, this time with the knowledge that this thing is 60 m (yes, 180 ft) tall. Note the zodiac in the foreground:

And one more angle for good measure:

Eh, another:

Amazing! And the adventures do not stop there! Today we had another ship drill, except this time we deployed the lifeboats. They needed (or...maybe allowed) a few volunteers to come along for the ride. First, however, they packed the lifeboats full so we got to see what it would be like to fit in there in a real emergency. In a word: squashed.

Then most everyone left except for the bravest/the ones with the craziest hats.

And then it was potatoe boat time!

It rides - guess what - like a potatoe in the water. Ours leaked, but Dan the engineer saved us.

Everyone loves the potatoe boat. The potatoe boat could save your life.

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