Saturday, October 28, 2006

What was: Day 51 - Belcher Glacier. Incredible.

Arctic scientists are hi-larious:

Today was one of the most incredible days ever. We arrived at Belcher Glacier for some ocean floor mapping, and the helicopter went out twice for photographs.

Coming up to the glacier we had a bit of evidence of wildlife. Note the blood.

The first time up in the helicopter it was a bit windy, and the copter was right next to the glacier - so the pilot flew up over the icecap, then swung into the glacier canyon and flew REALLY fast right above the ice. Like an insane IMAX movie, you know that sensation? The second flight, we were supposed to take photos of the Amundsen and two smaller boats we carry onboard (the Heron and the skippy boat). We came up around next to a mountain and were about to come around to see the ship, and our quiet fatherly French pilot says, "oh, a bit of fun first". Then he suddenly drives the opter straight up the side of the mountain and DROPS down the other side and swings into a side canyon. It was awesome. We were all yelling like cowboys.

I'm afraid for most of the following photos there's not much to say other than "this is us at Belcher Glacier." So sit back and enjoy.

A side wing to the glacier:

The ice cap:

Terrain pulled off the mountain from the glacier coming in two different directions, known as MEDIAL MORAINE:

Line of terrain in the glacier ice:

Heron in background and skippy boat in foreground:

Skippy boat working on ice sampling:

Glacier calving:

You've seen this one before, but I love it:


Anonymous said...

"Terrain pulled off the mountain from the glacier coming in two different directions" - how about 'medial moraine'? Sounds a little better to me...

Love the calving pic!

Jón Magnús said...

Wow, Greenland is beautiful! ..and good pictures! =)

-Jón and Marisa

Laurel said...

Canada, actually. Still catching up.