Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What was: Day 36, again, because there's just too much good stuff

As the title says: what with two helicopter rides and other business, Day 36 requires two posts. First, a few more helicopter shots.

To start - entering Oliver Sound, and one of my favorite photos of the trip:

A lovely shot up in the surrounding mountains:

And an iceberg:

Unfortunately my life is not all helicopter rides and lollipops. We have also begun to do work, which is actually not unfortunate at all because I am more than ready to start having something to do. Most of what I am doing involves taking water samples from the rosette and then filtering the samples for different chemical tests. I don't actually do the testing, I just prepare the samples. Let's take a look at the team!

Kary makes an excellent rosette monkey:

Bernard looooves to sample:

And (although not actually working with us), Jesse is a man who cares not for our petty concerns with cold:

Or for any social traditions regarding the matching of socks.

Thus ends Day 36.

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